"...Everything works in this play and everyone has evidently followed a single vision and purpose and it shows in every glorious moment of light, dark, and every shade in between..                       


- Planet Arts



"...an emotionally moving theatrical delight...Jurassica works on such a profoundly polished level, that the familiarity of the story is ultimately over-ridden by professional, captivating performances and economical but always effective directing...                       "    


- Eliot Seidel, Theatre People



"...Giovannoni’s intricately woven script is deftly handled by director Bridget Balodis, and the cast bring humanity to some larger-than-life characters....Balodis manages the complexity of the storytelling brilliantly, and the rare moments of disorientation within the timeline of the narrative feel intentional, as memories intertwine and collide in the characters’ minds. "


- Georgia Symons, ArtsHub






I had an intensely personal connection to Jurassica. To me this play was not just another 'migrant story'. It was my migrant story, the story belonging to the generation who cannot speak to their grandparents but love their cooking. 


This play made me revisit the experiences of my grandparents: What was it like for them to come across the world from Latvia to Australia after the second world war? My Dad always says that Queensland must have looked like the surface of the moon to them. Hostile and barren and mocking. They came here, knowing nothing about this country with little in their pockets, with hardly an image of this place to hang their dream on - Young people that I’ll never know.


They are gone now and by a chance of fate I am here. And by that same chance I turned out to be an Australian, not a Latvian. I imagine how they made themselves uncomfortable, put themselves in harm’s way, were made fun of, and were heartsick for home. I cannot know what it was like for them really - and I didn’t ask in time - but I did I inherit the hurt, mystery, pain and mythology of their journey. And it is precious to me.  


Written By Dan Giovannoni

Directed by Bridget Balodis

Set and Costume Design by Romanie Harper

Lighting Design by Amelia Lever Davidson

Sound Design by Ian Moorhead

Featuring Jordan Fraser-Trumble, Devon Land Wilton, Caroline Lee, 

Edward Orton and Joe Petruzzi, 


 Edward Orton and Joe Petruzzi. Photo by Jodie Hutchinson

"It is a part of grief to remember."  



for five Green Room Awards including Director, Script and Production