RED  sTITCH   2022




“Featuring more layers than a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Rose’s latest work is No Exit (by Jean-Paul Sartre) or Waiting For Godot (by Samuel Beckett) meeting television’s Squid Game head on.”


- Theatre People -


"Rose is a major Australian playwright, and Fast Food is a welcome addition to her body of work, a kind of midway point between Annie Baker and Caryl Churchill."


- Tim Byrne -


"In Balodis’ hands, this relatable play about the gig economy crackles with wit and verve."


-Vanessa Francesca, Artshub


"....director Bridget Balodis shows a knowing restraint that never compromises the playfulness of Rose’s writing. Utterly Compelling"


- Guy Webster, Australian Arts Review







“Do you want the shittiest biscuit in all the land in exchange for like your soul?”


An original, poignant comedy that flips an ordinary day in a fast-food restaurant, and propels us into the fantasies of its protagonists. Fast Food looks at the gig economy through the lives of five people just trying to dream of something better. 


Some are there by choice, others just haven't figured out what else they should be doing. Life starts to take on a new  meaning when hands are busy…and hearts and minds begin to wander.



Real, intelligent and incredibly funny, Fast Food is a moving, exhilarating piece about the realities of the fast-paced, soul-crushing world of ultra convenience. 



Written By 

Morgan Rose


Directed by Bridget Balodis 

Set and Costume Design by Sophie Woodward

Lighting Design by Giovanna Yate

Sound Design by Danni Esposito



Casey Filips
Kevin Hofbauer
Isha Menon
Chi Nguyen
Ella Caldwell


Chi Nguyen - Image by Jodie Hutchinson