“So there’s this family having dinner in a shitty house.
And one of them is Xan.”


We’re in a town in the middle of nowhere. It’s dinnertime. A family sits down to eat. This family, like many, are simultaneously incredibly close and complete strangers. They don’t know how to express what they really think, what they really need. At the centre of the story is Xan, a closeted gay kid in a tiny town. Over chicken her mother delivers the latest gossip: “that girl Jo jumped off the overpass today, she didn’t leave a note.” Xan stops eating and starts pretending. She has a secret to keep from her family, and she is good at keeping secrets.


Developed over the last 3 years through the Red Stitch INK writing program, desert, 6:29pm by Morgan Rose deftly explores the political through the deeply personal.


Morgan Rose is one of the most exciting emerging playwrights in Australia, bringing her unique humour and attention to detail to this heart-breaking, finely wrought new work.


“A tragic but heartwarming ode to love

in all its disguises.” 

– The Australian



“Morgan Rose’s Desert 6:29pm, developed as part of the writers’ program at Red Stitch, feels totally of the moment…Director Bridget Balodis hits upon an understated but nuanced performance style. The actors create almost an entire shadow-script through body language – a joy to watch…Rose is a playwright with a very bright future, and this new Australian play sports hilarious,

richly articulated performances.”

– The Age



“Casting and creative support, work in faultless tandem to produce a top-notch result…

Bridget Balodis directs with a keen eye…

Red Stitch have done it again. Don’t miss it.” 

– Theatre People



“The entire cast is terrific which gives testimony to the strength of the script and the direction

…this is a must see” 

– Stage Noise