by  Rachel  Perks




"...A flash tour of raunch culture, Nicki Minaj-brand feminism, first-world feminism, slut shaming and feminine rage...It mocks the nay-saying ironies of generation X, the impulse to disengage, and instead proposes a furious affirmation.                  "


- Andrew Fuhrmanns



"...the show is bold and dark, and poignantly blurs the line between truth and science fiction to make a lasting statement...the creative combination of dance, multimedia, pop culture, comedy and plenty of drama, make the performance one of the Fringe Festival’s hallmark shows: a proud display of independent art."


- Brendan Hitchens







Three monkeys from the future stumble on a boom box containing the
voice of an unnamed woman. Cathy and Cybelle, besties since high
school head out to reclaim the night only to wake up in sunshine with
two broken teeth and no knickers. As the women turn on each other with bitchy, poison tipped wit, the monkeys become their shadows- watching their every move.


When I first read Angry Sexx there was something in it that felt like an eruption, something surprising and violent and dangerous.  It struck me that there was a quality about the work that was different to what I was seeing in the rest of the landscape. It was a new mark on the map. A small one, perhaps - above a pizza shop in North Melbourne at 10.30 at night - but certainly a very deliberate one. It took some time for me to realise what this difference was. The play sounds and feels female. Not feminine necessarily, but brazen, and darkly funny, and angry, and strong, and female. 

photo by Sarah Walker

"Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them."  

-Margaret Atwood